Ninut Financial Software

Ninut is in the planning stages to become a full featured finacial management software. It is distributed under the GNU GPL. Below there is a list of currently planned features. Ninut will be developed in C# using the Mono platform and will to begin with use XML for data storage with the posibility of adding other ways for the user to choose from. For additional information you can visit the Sourceforge Project page.

Helping out

Ninut has a long way to go to be usable software and will take a while to get there. If you have experience with C# for development, graphics (Ninut needs a logo, etc), or wish to help with documentation or web design you can contact me at rthomp AT

Planned Features

The list provided below will most likely change throughout the planning process and will probably change once in a while once development begins on Ninut. If you feel a feature is missing or have comments about the current list you can post it to the Feature Request Page Logo